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Alex's Beauty Shop

Esteticas—beauty shops—are low turnover businesses. Many storefront operations house no more than one cosmetologist. None of them are getting rich. There's not a lot of money to put into into facilities. Store signs usually have a low-budget look.

So I was surprised to see this well-executed one, with its Maxfield Parrish look.


Not quite professionally done, but more than your typical attempt by the proprietor's cousin. Alex's sign is pleasing to the eye, worth lingering over for a moment.

But something is wrong, despite the obvious care that went into making it. Esthetica Unixes Alex. I want to accept what the sign says. Seems right. Hmmm.

Unixes. A beauty shop for operating systems? That can't be right.

Ah. The x and the s are reversed. The sign painter wanted to write Unisex. Alex's is for women and men.

So the question in my mind is: Did anyone—Alex, the sign painter, customers—notice this? If so, how come it got put up anyway? In a country where nothing gets thrown away, where people make do, it wouldn't surprise me if the beautician said, "Use it anyway. People will figure it out."